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Why Countries Like India Desperately Need EV Battery Standardization?

EV is the future of mobility Mobility solutions that are affordable, accessible, and safe have the potential to transform the Indian economy and improve the lives of citizens in both …

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EVs Outsells CNG Vehicles in Delhi

According to the government, electric vehicle (EV) registrations outnumber CNG vehicle registrations. So far in 2022, 9.37 percent of total vehicles registered in Delhi have been electric vehicles, compared to …

Self-drive autonomous car with man at driver seat.

Technology trends in automotive industry

Automakers are designing and updating their vehicle hardware designs so that the software can easily integrate with it Tech companies will charge consumers a monthly or yearly fee to enable …

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IoT application in the automotive industry

Road transportation accounts for more than 10 per cent of global carbon emissions. That is why we must act now The commercial EV market is rapidly expanding as a result …


Transition to EVs can deliver real freedom

INTRO: India is celebrating 75 years of Independence from British colonists, but economic freedom is still a distant, yet achievable dream. Electric Vehicles are a solution to lower oil imports …

Charging electric cars

IoT helps increase the efficiency of EVs

INTRO: Battery-run electric vehicles (EVs) are the solution to a sustainable future as they offer emission-less transport and in turn, curb any harm to the environment. The Internet of Things …

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