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Electric Vehicle Carzing(Charging) Dock - EVCD is a DIY plug-n-play device with unmatched features - capable of charging electric two-wheelers, four-wheelers, e-rickshaws, e-golf-cart, and/or any e-mobility vehicle.
The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) introduced the Model Building Bye-Laws for EV charging infrastructure in February, 2019 which makes it mandatory for residential and commercial buildings to have at least 20% of the parking space for EV charging infrastructure.  With increased adoption of electric vehicles, fuel (petrol/diesel) equivalent of energy will be drawn from the existing electrical infrastructure. The pressure of facilitating such infrastructure will be on real estate developers and RWAs/AOAs.
EVCD is ideal for all residential and commercial spaces with its real-time spot billing via QR code scanning. The web and app-based solution details out the charger locations on Google Map along with their charge fees too. Our system provides the ease of getting integrated with society’s existing prepaid metering system as well. Integrated with all modes of online payments – you can now charge your EV with instant payments too.

How does EVCD work?

The EVCD has internal relays to be operated when the EV user scans the QR over the module to authenticate themselves and then taps the Start Button over our Mobile Application.

The power supply switches off under following conditions:

  • User taps the Stop button on the Mobile App
  • Time set for charging on the App user can set time to charge. When this time gets over, the relays switch off
  • Overload
  • Earthing failure

After the charging session completes, the back-end determines the bill and can deduct from the prepaid system or monthly billing could be done or immediate payment through payment gateway. Whatever the payment modality is, if payment is not done users will be barred from further charging till the payment is done.

Features of EVCD

  • Grid interactive for Demand Side and Peak Load Management.
  • A 360 degree solution for EV Charging and Revenue Management.
  • It caters the need of EV charging in residential as well as commercial properties.
  • Ideal for multi-storey buildings, commercial and office complexes,  shopping malls, parking lots, hotels and resorts with near real-time spot billing.
  • A Measurement and protection module.
  • Capable of charging electric two-wheelers, electric four-wheelers, e-rickshaw, e-golf-carts, and/or any e-mobility vehicle.
  • Ease of revenue realization for builders, RWAs, and recharge facility providers.
  • Integrated with all modes of online payments.


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