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EV policies

What states have to offer to promote EVs

If the electric mobility is gaining a good momentum in the country, a large part of the credit must go the Centre and state governments. While the Centre set the …

EV charging

Charging Technologies in Electrical Vehicles

With EV sales gaining momentum all across the globe, the importance of charging infrastructure has also increased manifold. Over the years, charging technologies have evolved a great deal and today …

EV charging infra

Policy-makers and authorities behind EV charging infra

Like most world economies, India too has realised the urgency to shift to EVs and the Government has framed various policies and set up multiple agencies to encourage the use …


A Spurt in the Sale of EV 2Ws Makes Need for EVCD Paramount

Electric vehicles, particularly in the two-wheeler segment, are gaining popularity in the country for a variety of reasons. Alongside, the need for a robust charging infrastructure is also becoming essential. …

EVCD charging solution

EVCD, A Revolutionary Solution For Domestic Charging Requirement

The Government and private players are working proactively to strengthen the public charging infrastructure in the country. Sadly though, domestic setups, which according to experts would entail maximum usage, are …


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