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Choice of EV charger portable or stationary

INTRO: The growth in EV adoption has led to increased significance of charging infrastructure. There are two kinds of chargers – stationary and portable – offering varying charging range and …

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Key benefits of Level 2 charging  

INTRO: As battery is the lifeline of an electric vehicle, it is essential to know and understand its charging process. Level 2 charging – using a 240-volt electric supply – …

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How to pick the best EV charger

INTRO: With the rising popularity of electrical vehicles, chargers too have gained in importance, and logically so. Since the chargers come in various shapes, sizes and types; one must know …


Why every EV user needs home charger

INTRO: With EVs gaining acceptance on a wider scale, the issue of charging has also gained critical importance. Though the Government, as well as private players, are strengthening the public …

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Govt set to formulate SOPs for EV batteries 

INTRO: India is heading towards full electric mobility at an encouraging pace but the incidents of fire in some EVs are set to put brakes on it. Realising the gravity …


Charge-discharge curve of lithium-ion cells

INTRO: With so much happening in the sphere of electric mobility, EV charging and batteries have become the latest buzzwords. Lithium-ion battery being the lifeline of an electric vehicle, it …

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