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Charge-discharge curve of lithium-ion cells

INTRO: With so much happening in the sphere of electric mobility, EV charging and batteries have become the latest buzzwords. Lithium-ion battery being the lifeline of an electric vehicle, it …


Flexible Fuel Vehicles and HEVs get big push

INTRO: The Government is pushing the manufacturing and application of Flexible Fuel Vehicles (FFV) that run on ethanol as an environmental friendly alternative to petrol. Meanwhile, it is also promoting …


Lithium-ion cells:A-grade vs B-grade

INTRO: While it is clear that electric vehicles or EVs have taken over the road thanks to a climate conscious consumer who also seeks efficiency, it is also important to …


Delhi To Have One Charging Point For Every 15 EVs By 2024

Human activities have caused a significant increase in Green House Gas (GHG) emissions over the last few decades. Carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles and factories have lowered air quality to …


How Indian EV Manufacturers Are Promoting Green Mobility

India’s transportation sector is currently the third-largest emitter of carbon dioxide. Thus, in order to reduce the rising carbon emissions, the government of India has launched various schemes to encourage …


Why Businesses Should Adapt EVs to Their Fleet?

Electric vehicles (EV) were once thought to be futuristic. They were only used as a gimmick in Hollywood science-fiction movies. EVs, on the other hand, are now available in the …

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