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luxury EVS

Government upbeat on e-mobility future

The Government’s sustained efforts to promote e-mobility in the country have started yielding results with sales of electric vehicles picking up and the charging infrastructure getting strengthened. With full cooperation …


BAF E-Vaahana boon for EV owners living in Bengaluru societies

Boasting the maximum number of electric vehicles in the country, the city of Bengaluru is also in need of a decent charging infrastructure. The Bangalore Apartments’ Federation’s E-Vaahana campaign is …

EV bus

E-buses offer right answer to dilemma of urban transport

Although public transport remains the lifeline of an urban city, it is also a major contributor to its pollution levels. Electric buses are the best answer to this dilemma and …


SRTPV for using solar energy to charge EV

It’s an undisputed fact that EVs are environment-friendly and that’s, precisely, the reason these vehicles are gaining increased acceptance worldwide. But it is also worth considering that the electricity used …

Car charging

R&D on EV Batteries Requires More Focus

Electric vehicles have gained in acceptance worldwide, thanks to major improvements in theirs performance and range. And this has been possible, largely, because of the better-quality of batteries that are …

EVCD tool

A big Step Towards Standardization of EV Battery-Charging

The ongoing process of setting up EV charging stations across the country is saddled with a major issue – the lack of any standardisation for chargers or their batteries. Thankfully …


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